Business POS System

Technology has played a huge role in revolutionizing the way businesses are operated all over the planet. If you still utilize an outdated cash register and have system to formulate critical reports regarding your business, then you’re clearly not in touch with technology and are losing out on ROI. Need to keep a strong technical eye over your operations? Switch to our state-of-the-art small business POS system today! Our one-of-a-kind point of sales system is comprised of a combination of several software and hardware components that work together to assist in quality business management operations.


Our Core Software Components

Some of our notable software components which act as a backbone in running any business include



It is definitely the most basic yet extremely critical software feature of the Nucleus POS. It is capable of processing cash, credit cards and a whole plethora of other payment options including PayPal which your customers might prefer.



This is another essential characteristic of a business management system. Its significance even increases if you are in the business of retailing. Gone are the days when you had to manually keep the record of all the products which you have in inventory. It was not only a tedious task, but was extremely time consuming too. Our first-rate POS system automatically tracks the entry and sale of items from your inventory



It is an absolutely exciting software feature of Nucleus POS System for Small Business. Our system completely eliminates the need of purchasing a separate tool which can take care of customer’s related matters since we, at Nucleus POS, have integrated this feature into our POS system.



Our system offers comprehensive videos to help our clients easily learn all the relative features for their business and get the most out of them!

Core Hardware Components Needed By Nucleus POS

Think you need a detailed range of hardware devices to run our state-of-the-art Nucleus POS system? Think again! Our experts have designed our unique POS system to run even with some of the most basic hardware components with fluidity. Here’s what you need to run Nucleus POS



To use our unique POS system you will need a very simple register screen to act as the display unit. You can make use of the display of your tablet, smartphone, or even your personal computer as a register screen.



Nucleus POS allows you to connect three different printers with the POS system at the same time which should be more than enough for most of businesses in the retail industry. These printers can further be used to print multiple receipts at the same time.



If you are considering to Buy POS System for your enterprise then a barcode scanner is probably the most crucial piece of equipment that you need. A very lightweight device that is simple to use, and helps all



Even though it is true that physical cash is running out of fashion at a very fast paced and probably it will completely vanish in coming few years, it is still preferred by a considerable number of people. Therefore, it would be better to keep one at your store so that you can accommodate every single customer of yours.

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