Retail Store

The employment of an all-inclusive POS system has become necessary these days for the growth of your business. If you are one of those business owners who is trying to hunt down the perfect POS System for your Retail Store, then you’re at the right place. With our Nucleus POS system, we offer a plethora of features.


Here are just a few key features amongst many



These are the shortcuts in our POS system. Quick keys let you and your employees hit a particular button which is set against a commonly sold or the most popular products. Meanwhile, remaining catalog of items is extremely easy to access.



The product return policies of a retail store can play a decisive role in the success of retail business. The biggest reason behind it is that customers have increasingly started to give preference to stores with customer friendly policies. The best thing about our POS system which is particularly developed by considering the necessities of retailers is fully capable of dealing with such challenges. You can devise an ideal policy for refunds and returns with the help of our POS for retail store.



Nucleus POS is the management system which we have skillfully designed so that its users can go beyond conventional methods of payments, such as credit cards and cash. Our management system conveniently lets you accept mobile payments.



It is highly likely that you will have several employees who work with your registers, unless you follow a business model that supports a single person operation. In case you do have multiple workers then our POS System for Retail Store is the perfect choice for you since it allows you to make user accounts exclusively for all of your associates. Ultimately with the help of this amazing feature you can set different sales goals for your team since you can easily track all the sales made by each member. Furthermore each account is protected by passwords. It enhances the overall security of the system.


We Offer 15 Comprehensive Business Management Reports

There are multiple reports which can be generated with the help of a management system, such as customer reports, employee reporting and product reports. Our POS for retail store allows you to make all these reports in an effortless way. These customer reports assist you in highlighting your loyal customers. You can further offer retail POS solutions to these customers. Similarly, employee reports provide insights regarding top performing workers. Last but not least, Nucleus POS system formulates reports pertinent to your stocks. This feature helps a lot in exploring the worst and best selling products.

Live Dashboard

It is recognized as the heart of our POS System for Retail Store. Our Live Dashboard helps in providing a quick glance at overall operations of the store and how it is currently doing. All basic performance indicators are available on the dashboard which augments the overall convenience of the system.


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