Simple Cash Register

As its name signifies, our virtual cash register is a part of our Nucleus POS system which is based on web. It lets businesses conduct sales transactions from a wide variety of point of sale terminals. With the help of these advanced cash registers you can administer and scrutinize your business activities literally from any part of the globe. All you need is a simple connection of internet at your location. With internet based simple cash register you can conduct the POS related transactions effortlessly, simplify the payments through credit card and operate numerous checkouts. The cutting edge technology employed to design these registers let businesspersons like you generate real time and updated sales reports that too with a few simple clicks. No additional software or servers are required for these features. Only log into your account and you are all set to overview all the transactions.

Are Any Backups Necessary?

While using our custom cash register software there is absolutely no need of backups. You do not have to be worried about anything at all since all the data is stored in the fail-safe cloud system. Our Nucleus POS management system lets you continue your work wherever you stopped last time. It is 100% secure since all the backups as well as recoveries are done by it.


How Does This Software Work?

State of the art technology which is available today has basically made it possible to transform devices like Android, iOS, tablet, MAC, and PC into online cash registers. It generally operates online. However, it can be used when you do not have access to internet as well. All the unfinished work can be continued by signing in. When you finally get connected to the internet, the virtual cash register begins to refresh all of your data in a matter of several seconds. Another great attribute which is associated with this software is that it is a very economical solution for businesses. In order to begin its utilization, you will not be forced to purchase special new software or POS hardware. Just create an account by following simple steps and you are ready to go. However if you want to integrate simple cash register with any of the optional POS equipment, such as card swipers, barcode scanners, cash drawers or receipt printers then it can also be done without much a do.

Why Should You Prefer Web Cash Register Offered by Nucleus POS?

Web-based cash registers can easily be integrated with multiple other virtual systems. Connecting any number of point of sale registers with it is no problem at all. Google Analytics can also be integrated with these virtual registers which lets track the financial position of your business. You can study the buying behavior of your clientele by storing all the receipts. Nucleus POS lets your customers make use of their personal devices in order to browse various products, and then order or purchase them via this system. All of your workers can utilize their personal devices. All you have to do is give them the access to cash register software. It keeps on working even if there is no internet access.


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